Application Deadlines

<p>The Common Application states that deadlines are January 1 for many colleges. Can applications be submitted on January 1, or must they be submitted by December 31st at 11:59 EST?</p>

<p>I believe it is January 1, 2015 at 11:59. But even so, try not to wait until 10:00pm Jan 1, because servers will most likely crash, and then you’re screwed</p>

<p>@feartheengr not trying to be rude but do you believe or are you absolutely positive?</p>

I’m assuming that a Jan 1st deadline means that applications may be submitted up through 11:59:59 PM on Jan 1st, but I can’t find anything definitive. Does anyone know for sure, as I’d rather not leave this up to interpretation. Thanks.

@powerdad I received an email from Yale today which stated the following:

  • Yale's Regular Decision deadline is January 1. Plan to submit the Common Application, including the Yale-specific questions, by the end of the day on January 1.
  • School documents, such as letters of recommendation and the secondary school report with a high school transcript, will be accepted after January 1. Teachers and counselors should send these as soon as possible via the Common Application, mail, or fax.

Since Yale is a Common App member, and their deadline displays as January 1 on the Common App, I’m assuming this is true for all other deadlines, that they can in fact be submitted through the Common App until the end of the day for which the deadline is stated. Common App’s official information on this states:

"For information regarding deadlines, see the Deadlines section of the Instructions within the Common Application. All of the components should be submitted or postmarked by the deadline date.

The application deadline is at 11:59 PM of the stated deadline date. The deadline time is either your local time zone or the school’s time zone, whichever is later.

Submission for all applications is recorded in Eastern Time. That is the submission time visible to colleges, and it is correctly displayed in the My Colleges section of a student’s account."

This answered my question, so I hope it answers yours too!

Thanks pdoyle97… I actually just found this info in the common app knowledgebase, and came back to this thread to post the answer. It’s nice to have a definitive answer. Here’s the link for anyone else who would like to verify this info in writing: