I was now randomly checking admission checklist/status and clicked help and this is what it said.
“This is a summary of the processed application that was selected.”

Any idea what this means?

Same message here, not sure what it really means and if everyone gets it by default or selective.

I just received
“We have received all required documents to complete your application. The Admission Committee has been reviewing applications and will notify you of their decision. Your resulting decision letter will be sent via email with a high res scan attachment. This email will be sent from me personally no later than Friday, December 15, 2017 during our normal business hours.”
Anyone else?

@IsabellaCornell Did you do early or regular decision? No changes in ours.

Early Action

No email or change in portal here either. EA applicant also.

@IsabellaCornell Was that an email or on the website portal?

International student got email from AO

Last year EA applicants received decision letters in the mail on Monday 12/12. Today would be the same day this year. Anyone think something could come electronically today? Or is 12/15 the day this year?

Got acceptance letter via USPS today! Applied to Computer Science.

Son got acceptance letter in the mail today. Applied Early Action.

Where do you live? Indiana?

Do you live near the school? We havent gotten a letter yet.

Ohio. I hope everyone gets their decisions soon.

Thanks! And congratulations! It’s funny they send physical letters first. That’s the first school he’s applied to that hasn’t used email.

@Active1 , beware it’s a standard, letter size envelope. Nothing fancy. You could confuse it with more “junk mail”. I hope your son gets his soon. Where are you located?

Ha! My friend’s son in Georgia received his acceptance letter, and they freaked for a second as the letter was so thin.

We’re in Toledo, Ohio. Hopefully it will come today. May I ask where else your son or daughter applied? Mine has gotten accepted to Colorado School of Mines and Ohio and is waiting for a few others.

I just checked the mail box and it’s here! My son will be home in a few hours. It feels funny - like stiff cardboard is in there - are they still including the nerd glasses like last year? A little crazy here in Toledo …

Nothing in our mail again today. I don’t understand how a school with “technology” in its name still only mails decision letters… very frustrating to see all of R-H’s retweets of kids with admission letters with nothing in our mailbox on the second day… we are in Tennessee…