Application Demographics?

<p>Does Penn, namely Wharton, get alot of applications from NY?</p>

<p>I plan to apply ED to Wharton next year, and I'd just like to know if many students from my area (Long Island, NY) are known to apply.</p>

<p>i can speak for myself in saying that describes me and my plans haha</p>

<p>NY is fairly well represented. Not as much as Jersey, California, and Pennsylvania (based on those that attended Preview Days).</p>

<p>I am from NY, and rejected from M&T, but still decided to go tthere in a hope to dual with wharton in the near future...</p>

<p>Long Island has its own regional rep. They get tons of apps from there. if I remember correctly, NY is the 3rd most represented state at Penn after Cali and Penn.</p>

<p>it's in the tri-state area. everyone in the tri-state area applies in truckloads. as well as cali.</p>

<p>what about semi rural states? last year, only 14 of Missourians were represented. </p>

<p>is that good or bad, chances wise?</p>

<p>when i went to previews.. they said only 3 wyomians were admitted and that they were trying really hard to get at least one of them to go</p>

<p>yeah... being from out there helps a lot</p>

<p>long island was called the most competitive region by an many admissions officers. For example 36 kids from my school applied and we are not even ranked as one of the top public schools on long island like jericho and garden city. BTW only 2 got in from my school.</p>