application due in 2 days! essay topic dilemma!!

<p>some of my friends were reading my college essays for me and they said that i should change it because it was a typical immigrant essay about the hardships of coming to the States and my struggling of forming an identity as both a Korean and an American. should i change it? But the thing is that i can't think of anything else to write about! PPPPPLLLLEEAAAASSSEEE~~~ help meeee!! any advices? stick with the essay or throw it out?</p>

<p>if you cant think of anything else, then no dont change it.</p>

<p>but is it bad to put that?</p>

<p>why would that be "BAD"??</p>

<p>sure a lot of people write about that, but it's the way you write and the quality of your writing htat would make you stick out no matter your topic. You can write on the most interesting and original topic in the world, and it'll put me to sleep if you are a completely incompetent writer.</p>

<p>Make sure it is rich with detail and that your own personality shows through. I'd say it's too late to change if this is the only one you've started.</p>

<p>well there's no such thing as a bad topic only a bad essay so if you like your essay then stick with it. if you feel that you just cant write well with that topic then change it. there's no use trying to force an essay, and the end result wont be good</p>