Application Fee Waiver


<p>I am an international student and applied early to Villanova for Fall 2012. Now, prior to submission of my app, I contacted the university regarding application fee waivers and they informed me that they will waive the fee if I send an application from the counselor demonstrating financial hardship. I did exactly that, and sent a counselor letter.</p>

<p>A few days back, I got my myNova account, and when I checked, it showed that the Application fee Box was unchecked, meaning that the application fee requirement was not fulfilled. I emailed them about this issue, but havent received a reply so far. </p>

<p>Did anyone else face a similar problem in the past? and does anyone know how I can solve this issue?</p>

<p>maybe you should directly call the office, because the school receives so many email letters that they may miss some. Calling is much easier and fast:D</p>