Application Fee Waiver

I recieved a notice in the mail and through my email that I got an application fee waiver. I have visited the school and they have even called my home to talk to me. I have a 3.37 weighted gpa and a 29 on the act. Does this show actual interest from them or is this a common thing. Also I live in Illinois so Im not even in state.

Is it the golden gopher app or something like that? I think it is pretty common free app, maybe from your contact info on PSAT. It doesn’t mean you have been handpicked, if that is your question. Is that your high school weighted GPA? What is your UW?

I have no clue if it is or not. Yes thats weighted but our school doesnt consider honors classes on a 5 scale. UW is 3.27

What are you thinking of majoring in and what college of UMN are you interested in (they admit to a college). Yes - they are interested - in you applying! The GG application is marketing and doesn’t improve chances of admission. However, if you are planning to apply the fee waiver (which they grant to ALL OOS applications, btw) is a good thing. Just make sure that the college you apply to is commensurate with your stats (click link below). CSE, for instance, might be difficult unless you have a hook.

Good luck to you!

Im planning on majoring in Finance at CSM.