Application for Driven Students?

I recently got an email from Creighton University asking me to apply through an application called “Application for Driven Students”. If I use this application to apply, I get a fee waiver, an accelerated admissions decision, and immediate scholarship consideration if I apply by November 1. Is this application in any ways binding? I’ve tried researching this on the Internet but I have not found anything helpful. Thank you!

Rather than researching on the internet, email the university and ask directly if this is binding. It’s a reasonable question. If you haven’t already been considering the university, you could use the opportunity to ask other questions too (about programs or majors that interest you).

The email you got probably has a “feel free to contact us if you have any questions” email address or phone number on it.

This is a common marketing technique and if this is a school that appeals to you, it could be worth it to apply. But remember you will probably still have to pay to have your ACT/SAT sent to them and possibly your high school transcript. So it’s not entirely free. Follow through if this is a school you’d seriously consider even without the incentives. Since you have until November 1, you have time to do a more research if you’re not sure.