Application is in, but school hasn't sent transcripts?

<p>My school sends transcripts through Docufide/Parchment, but there was a screw-up with my school and my transcripts may not have been sent. I'm currently trying to work it out. My question is, if I applied for Nov. 1 Early Action (had everything in by the deadline except for my transcripts), will the colleges I applied to still consider me for Early Action once the transcripts get there, or will they consider the Nov. 1 deadline missed and bump me to Rolling because I didn't have everything in?</p>

<p>bump anyone have an answer?</p>

<p>Almost certainly. This was an administrative problem completely beyond your control.</p>

<p>Call the admissions office(s) where you're applying EA. Explain that there has been a problem with the electronic transmission of your transcript, and assure them that you are working to have it resubmitted ASAP.</p>

<p>Ah, good point. Thanks very much, I'll definitely give them a call. :D</p>