application issues

<p>I had a few questions I thought someone who has applied to McGill could help me with. I am trying to apply for graduate studies and had a couple questions about the application form itself and have been trying to contact someone at the university for these questions but no answer. I am going to assume it is because of the strike. Anyway, the questions are.....</p>

<li>Under employment info, do they just mean employment in the field of study or just any old employment (like a part time job at a coffee shop)?</li>
<li>For the referees information, do they want their home address info or just the address of the institution at which they are employed?</li>

<p>Any advice would be helpful.

<p>For referees, they would want just the work address. I frequently act as a referee for students applying to various universities and I never give my home address.</p>

<p>Thank you!! :)</p>