Application listed wrong college- CSOM vs CLA

My son completed his application by Nov 1 deadline and listed Marketing which is in CSOM as his major, no other options. Since sending he has discovered a similar but better fit major for him in CLA. I know CLA is easier to get into than CSOM. He has a great 3.97 UW gpa but did not send in his ACT as it was only 24. Few ECs but works full time at Dominos. I’m concerned he may be declined or waitlisted for the more selective CSOM, when he has mistakenly realized he belongs at CLA. Any insight? If you don’t get into one college, do they sometimes offer admission to CLA instead? His older brother is a current student there who got into CSE but transferred to CBS as he changed course to premed. Just hoping my youngest didn’t shoot himself in the foot!

Some schools allow you to change major on the application portal. But in this case, seems like minnesota does not have this option. Your best bet is to call the office of admission and request a change in school on the application.