Application Materials? (Minnesota)

<p>Quick question...</p>

<p>The UMN Mechanical Engineering website says:</p>

<p>It is required that you also provide the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering with a photocopy of your application materials to expedite the admissions process. The application, plus all required documentation, is our method of evaluation. The University of Minnesota and the faculty members of the Mechanical Engineering Department cannot evaluate your record without an application. Please do not send copies of theses, term papers, essays, or publications unless specifically requested, as we cannot keep these on file.
The Graduate School will send you an e-mail when your application is complete. This is your notification that the Graduate School has sent your file to the Department of Mechanical Engineering for consideration. But, please note again that photocopies of your application materials must be sent to the ME department to expedite the evaluation process. </p>

<p>What exactly are the application materials they're requesting? Before someone says "call them and ask," I thought I'd ask here just in case it's obvious and I would look like an idiot for calling.</p>

<p>The only things I could possibly send them are copies of my GRE scores and transcripts, but if they're getting my application sent to them, shouldn't they get those too?</p>

<p>I'm confused and it doesn't look like UMN has updated their website since the 90s.</p>

<p>no one else knows?</p>

<p>I applied to the CS department there, and I didn't have to do anything similar. I filled out the graduate school's application, then filled out the department's supplemental application. It didn't take long before I got an email from the school confirming they had received my materials and were passing it on to the department.</p>

<p>I realize this doesn't exactly answer your question, but that was my experience with Minnesota. <em>shrugs</em></p>

<p>I applied to Minnesota and this nonsense was taken care of for me by the administrator. They want photocopies of the application, transcripts and score reports sent directly to the department.</p>

<p>belevitt, did you have to request the administrator to do that? Are you sure those are the only things they want? I could probably manage that...</p>

<p>I just called them up and they said they would only send my transcripts because the department will be getting my application anyway...</p>

<p>Yeah, I was in email contact with the administrator. She said "I downloaded your application and statements from ApplyYourself, I received
all transcripts, and your GRE score was sent to me directly from ETS. So I
did some of it for you"</p>

<p>I'm guessing that the request to send a copy to the department is from the days when applications were on paper. I wonder if it is still a requirement.</p>

<p>belevitt, so she didn't send your original materials, just copies?</p>

<p>Dunno, but later I received an email indicating that my file was complete.</p>