Application Materials

<p>Does MIT let us submit materials after the Jan 1st deadline? Both of my teachers submitted recs almost 2 weeks ago, but it still says that they haven't been processed. I can't get a hold of them until Jan 3rd because of break, so I was wondering if my application will be thrown out because of this? If I get them to fax it over the day I get back, will MIT accept it?</p>


<p>If your teachers have submitted the recs, you should have nothing to worry about. In order to be certain, I would suggest a quick call to the office of admissions when they reopen.</p>

<p>First, it's likely that your teachers' letters are actually at MIT, but that they're sitting in a pile somewhere waiting to be sorted into your application. </p>

<p>Second, even if there is some problem with the letters, you can have your teachers re-submit them after MIT is done processing all the mail -- no worries. </p>

<p>From Matt McGann's blog, here:</a>

It is perfectly fine if, through no fault of your own, your school forms (e.g. teacher recommendations, secondary school report, transcript) come in after the January 1 deadline. We are much more understanding of and flexible with late documents from schools than with late documents from the applicant.


The MyMIT Tracking is up-to-date (while the Admissions Office is closed, the Records Office is working hard), but please recognize that processing can take 2 weeks. You do not need to worry at this time about documents that are not showing on MyMIT; we currently have a backlog of materials in our processing center, and expect to have that backlog into January. Do not send a second copy of any document at this time. Also, you do not need to call MIT Admissions at this time to check on any such documents (there is a time for this later). Do not worry about materials that have not yet shown up on MyMIT Tracking.


<p>Thank you guys so much!</p>