Application on hold for further review

My DS submitted his applications during EA and was placed on hold for further with a decision to be made by early April. (which seems late to me). I reached out to the admissions office to see if any additional information was needed or required and was advised to send his mid-year grades as soon as they were available from the school, which we did last week. I am wondering if anyone else is in the same situation or if anyone has received a decision one way or another? My DS has been accepted to 5 other schools and this is the last one before he will make a decision. I am over this process already!

Yes, my son is in the same situation. Applied EA, got placed on hold for further review, sent in his 1st semester grades back at the end of January and we still haven’t heard anything. This was his top college and was very disappointed how the early action process went. We didn’t realize a decision was going to be put on hold until it seems they review every other applicant. In the meantime, he has pretty much decided on another college, but we would still like to hear back from Temple before making a commitment. I agree I’m over this whole process too!

Still waiting here, same as both of you described.

My daughter in exact same situation. My concern at this point is if she finally is accepted, that housing won’t be available for her. I’m so frustrated with this system. I feel like April was such a long time to wait considering she got this news in early November.

I was put on hold in November, I was accepted yesterday after numerous calls to admissions and emails from myself and guidance counselor, my gpa 3.6 sat 1170

@chi112233 Wow, I’m surprised you weren’t accepted right off, as I know someone with the exact same stats who was. What program did you apply to?

@mberey02 I was concerned about the housing as well and expressed that to the admissions office. They said that housing does not open until 4/20 so IF we get accepted and IF he decides this is where he wants to go, we should be ok.

@cdumoma I agree 100%. I wish my DS would make a decision on one of the other 5 schools he was actually accepted to, but for some reason he is holding out for Temple.
@chi112233 Congratulations!!

@chi112233 Did you call/email them everyday? I am almost ready to do that, just to get any response :))

@MB2231 Just wanted to give an update that my son finally got accepted today. Hopefully you have heard something by now too.

@cdumoma Unfortunately, not yet. I had my son send an email this afternoon, hopefully that will push things along one way or another. Thank you for the update and Congratulations to your son!! Will he attend?

@MB2231 We were ready to commit elsewhere and now that he received the news, it is a strong possibility he will attend. This was originally his top choice but he just lost faith he would get in. Best of luck to your son! I hope he hears some good news soon!

@cdumoma Congratulations to your son! Do you know if he got an email or just found out by checking the portal? What school/major did he apply to?

@cozminok It was in his portal. He is advertising major in Klein College of Media and Communication.

Does anyone have any updates?

My S19 was accepted yesterday after being placed on hold since October. What a relief to finally be able to move on!!

@MB2231 Congrats to your son!