Application Portals for all UC's?

Hi all, I have already responded to UCR and UCSB’s emails to set up an applicant portal account through their respective sites. Will I eventually need to do this for each UC I applied to? I haven’t gotten an email from UCI or UCLA yet.

Yep, every single one is totally different.

Are you sure you haven’t heard from UCLA? I thought the emails were sent out about two weeks ago. Maybe they’re just really staggering. You might want to check spam.

i didn’t find it in spam, but will try to retrieve my ID through their portal

@Bear87 you sure you didn’t receive an email saying “Your UCLA application has been received” ? (Around mid-December?)

I think you just login to
in which you’ll need your info + application ID. And I think that’s all you need to do (you don’t need to set up a portal account [yet?]). Unless I’m wrong, someone correct me

Ok. I did get that email. When I login there now it shows that my application has been submitted. I was concerned because I had to set up an account UCSB, UCI, and UCD, so I was concerned about UCLA not asking me to set One up and then I couldn’t even find a place to set up an account.

Somewhere there’s a link to set it up.

I’ve got portals at: