Application process for athlete at service academy

<p>I'd love to get some feedback about a situation I am dealing with. I have a young woman who is being recruited to play basketball at the Air Force Academy. She has has just made a verbal commitment to the Academy.</p>

<p>I am concerned that she seems quite unconcerned about the application process. She told me, for instance, that the coach said it was unnecessary for her to gain a nomination from a MOC. As I understand it, recruiting doesn't ensure appointment, so I urged her to do everything she could to send in the strongest possible application. That is, follow every step and do it as well as possible. I have to add that I do not know how seriously she is being recruited.</p>

<p>So, I'm wondering... what is the reality? Is it possible for coaches to grease the skids for athletes so that they don't have to go through the rigorous admissions process that other academy applicants do? Not that I would ever recommend counting on this, but I'd like to know to what extent it goes on. Thanks for any feedback.</p>

<p>Tom Whedbee</p>

<p>There is a specific tab in CC for Service Academy candidates. perhaps it would be best to post this in the Air Force Academy Thread.</p>

<p>Best of Luck</p>

<p>Thanks! I’ll do that.</p>

<p>Coach told my DD that she had to at least try to get one nomination, if not all that were available to her. But then I asked what if she doesn’t get one? He said “we will find her one, but she has to apply to her sources” He told a story of one highly desired recruit in another sport who didn’t think he/she had to do it, and was SOL. No admittance.</p>