Application process in Texas UTD

Hello, Posting here for Texas schools

Please suggest a list of reasonable colleges that I should aim for. I am in Texas and my goal is to get into the best college possible but now I am not sure what I want to do anymore. I used to be very good at math and algebra but did poorly in AP Calculus in 11th grade and dropped it in second semester. I wanted to get into computer science / Engineering program but now I feel I want to keep it open for now. My parents can pay for my college anywhere but they are not very knowledgeable about the college application process. They wanted to hire some company that charges thousands of dollars to help with the application process but I declined as it seems frivolous to me.
As I had posted few months back, virtual learning did not go well for me at all so my 10th-11th grade GPA dropped.
My current UW GPA at the end of 11th grade is 3.4 unweighted 4.4.
PSAT 1230 (took in Oct of 11th grade).
MY NMSC score is 191. Took first SAT 1410. 680 Math 730 verbal. will take it again soon.
Mem Honors society, chess club and volunteer hrs 35. tried very hard to get into some nice summer internship but so far unsuccessful.

I have nobody to guide me and its such a shame that I used to be a good student who was on track but I am not so sure anymore.

Courses that I already took in 9th grade

English 1 Hon
finished algebra 2 Hon and geometry Hon
French 2
Computer science 1
AP human Geo
Biology Hon
Arts 1.

10th grade

English 2 Hon
Precalculus Honors
AP world history
Physics Honors
AP computer science principals
Computer maintenance
Spanish 1

11th Grade
Gifted Talented AP American studies AP Lang AP US history (2 credits combined course)
AP Calculus (passed first sem but dropped in sec semester)
AP Chem
AP Psychology
Advanced computer sciences
Spanish 2

12th grade selections so far

Spanish 3
English 4
Ap US Gov and AP Economics (half credit each)
video programming

I wont qualify for auto-admission to UT Austin or UTD based on class rank. what are my chances to get into UT Austin UT Dallas. I am very good in history. Where else can I apply in Texas and what would be a good match. I want to stay in Texas or close to Texas.
I have asked for LORs from teachers already. How do people get interviews with the colleges and is it necessary. how about visiting colleges?
Is there something else that I should be doing now?

Thanks for reading this long post