Application question (listing other colleges)

<p>Not having applied to a college yet, I am unfamiliar with the entire process. Here is a question: Are we required to list all other colleges we are applying to on each college application? It seems to me it might be a hindrance rather than a help to do so.</p>

<p>The Common App (which TONS of schools use) doesn't ask you to report all of your schools. Some college-specific apps might, I don't know. Similarly, some supplements (the college-specific additions to the Common App) also ask you.</p>

<p>Yes, I guess it could be a hindrance if you're worried about Tufts' Syndrome or something, but maybe if you're applying to super-hard schools some kind adcom will take pity on you and admit you so that you get in to at least one school. I wish that would happen for me. haha</p>

<p>DB- A high school admission counselor told me that while you cannot lie on that question, you have to carefully consider which other schools you identify. In particular, if you list 3 ivies on your app to a quality LAC, the LAC will realize they are your safety, and likely not admit you. Key is to put yourself in the particular school's position and evaluate where you fall in the list. If you appear as the #1 choice, better chance of favorable consideration.</p>

<p>Depends on the LAC, though. Many LACs are just as selective/more selective than some of the Ivies. Even though there are lots of kids at LACs that didn't make HYP, I personally know someone who was accepted to (and is now at) Harvard but didn't get accepted to Williams, which is the #1 ranked LAC right now. (Granted, it could be 'fit' issues, but the point remains.) So anyway, just because a school is an LAC it doesn't make it any worse than an ivy league school and definitely does not have to be a safety.</p>