Application Question - Please help!

<p>If I apply online using the "Your Choice Application", do I have to apply EA to receive the application fee waiver?</p>

<p>Also: I'll be applying for financial aid (FAFSA and CSS Profile) in January... if I apply EA, and I'm accepted in December, can I still apply for financial aid in January and see what they offer me in March or April-ish?</p>

<p>Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated! I have the feeling I'll end up calling the office of admissions, anyway... I'm rather confused. lol.</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>I have no idea, but I also got the Your Choice Application and I'm thinking of using it.</p>

<p>Is it even a legit application? the website is like or something. really sketchy...</p>

<p>Yah thats what i thought too...especially since I got emails regarding that like 3 times in one week. But I called the admissions office today and they said that they indeed did email them out</p>