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My daughter submitted her application last Saturday. It is my understanding that she should soon receive an email with a link to several short answer questions that she needs to complete, especially if she wants to be considered for scholarships. Is that correct? Is there anything else she should submit to increase her chances for scholarship - a resume of extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, etc.? Thanks so much!

@Startingsoon, Our Admissions and Scholarship Committees both find that the short answers are more helpful to them than a resume or references, so it is not necessary for your daughter to send anything additional to us. Anything she would like to clarify or any extracurricular activities she would like to reference can be mentioned in her short answer responses.

She can find the link to submit the short answer responses here, it will also be emailed to her:

Best of luck,
A Pitt Admissions Staffer

Awesome! Thanks so much!

@hailtopitt1787 my D was admitted to Pitt with an scholarship, she had applied as a Biology major, now she feels she may want to pursue a Neuroscience major, can she apply for a change of major now or after she joins?
If it now then what is the process?

@dudefromnowhere, biology and neuroscience are both within the same school (Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences), so she can just talk to her academic advisor about declaring neuroscience as her major when she arrives for PittStart (academic orientation).

No need to take any further action beforehand. Information about registering for PittStart is sent to students who have committed to Pitt by paying their tuition deposit in February.

A Pitt Admissions Staffer

Is there any benefit to submitting the short answer questions after you’re accepted?

@brooke513, The Scholarship Committee would take a look at them when reviewing your application. But you would want to get them in fairly quickly after being accepted to ensure that they will get to see them.

Of course, they are optional, so it is entirely up to you!

A Pitt Admissions Staffer