Application question

<p>After sending the common app to yale, does the adcom send you an ID via email, or send some kind of notification via regular post? Or do they send any notification at all? Thanks=)</p>

<p>Have you sent in your app already then? I thought you'd be applying early to MIT. =)</p>

<p>can't apply early to mit.. they don't allow internationals to=( </p>

<p>so does anyone know about this ID issue? Thanks=)</p>

<p>Yeah, Yale sends up a paper confirmation with ID so you can check your file online.</p>

<p>Ya... I've sent my app online, I hope they send the notification soon...</p>

<p>It's rather frustrating as I used my home address in Malaysia as my mailing address... I figure it's easier if everything goes there because I really have no idea if I'll still be in Singapore after the A levels in November. It's frustrating that my parents will know whether I got in before I do, though... =)</p>