Application question

<p>Is it possible to get a letter of assurance if i have everything turned in, including a nomination and medical status - except my CFA score because I want to work on it to get it up?</p>

<p>nope......I think its only if you are lacking a nomination</p>

<p>LOAs indicate that your file is complete (including CFA) and the academy wants you, but you do not have a nomination.</p>

<p>Just keep working out and get your CFA done. (Is thanksgiving the earliest the admissions board meets? Anyone know?)</p>

<p>I got a letter of assurance right about Thanksgiving, so I know they meet sometime before that. And yes, letters of assurance are for those who don't have a nomination but look great everywhere else.</p>

<p>The LOA's main purpose is to secure you a nomination. When my congressional counselor found out that I had an LOA, he told me there was almost no way the board was going to look at it and not give me a nomination. And even if they didn't, apparently the Superitendant or Commandant, not sure which, can give you their own nomination...not sure how that works though.</p>

<p>AFalcon10, how bad is your CFA right now? If you're making the median performance in each event, I'd say go for it and get it over with. If you're marginal or barely passing it would be good to work on it some more. The CFA is important, but many candidates stress over it more than it's worth. Your CFA has to be really bad to keep you out of USAFA. Every little bit helps, but even a great CFA won't likely offset poor performance elsewhere.</p>

<p>I can vouch that a bad CFA does not mean you are out of luck...
If you can make significant improvement though, GO FOR IT!</p>