Application question

<p>I sent my app in, and now I'm wondering if Dartmouth has it...
Is there a way to track this online? I have heard they will email you notification about your app status. Does anyone know when this happens?</p>


<p>You can always call admissions and ask about the status of your application. I'm fairly certain phone calls placed about admissions are logged (not 100% sure?) but the more you get your name in there, the more interest you are generating and the more favorable your situation becomes.</p>

<p>As per online... I don't remember ever getting to "track" it online. I did get mailings about my application being sent successfully, however, and also a mailing in March about being "accepted so we want to take the stress off".</p>

<p>drownindreams, what do you do for social life other than attending frat parties? btw, is there a difference between crazy frat parties at state schools and dartmouth?</p>

<p>Yeah, I'd call or e-mail them asking for a confirmation. </p>

<p>"Accepted so we want to take the stress off"? Interesting. Was this like a "you're in, but not officially" sort of thing?</p>

Was this like a "you're in, but not officially" sort of thing?


<p>Exactly. It was a really nice gesture that helped spark my interest in Dartmouth.</p>