Application Questions: Mayor Rec., Not Enough Sati, Ii Blanks, Financial Aid

<p>1: Most privates want two teacher recs, but then I would like
to include a rec. from a mayor. More specifically, I am talking
about Stanford, but I can't find any forms on their site, besides
their instructions "We ask that you instruct your additional recommender to place your full name--as listed on your application, your birth date and your current high school at the top of the recommendation letter."
So, is the rec. writer supposed to just type it up his own custom

<p>2:Sometimes, there aren't enough blanks for SAT I and SAT II if
I put all my test scores that I have ever taken. Do I just limit
the blanks to the best I've ever scored to fit it on the app., more
specifically, the common app..</p>

<p>3: Lastly, is it true that having a job, recorded on the social security,
lowers potential financial aid from colleges? So, would it be better
to not write about my jobs in my apps.?</p>

<p>Thanks everyone!</p>

<p>1) Print out an extra copy of the form if Stanford provides a form. If not, then simply send the third letter along with the other two. And yes, they should just write your name and other info on the top of their letter.</p>

<p>2) Put the best scores in EACH section down. Three scores. No one cares that you took the SAT 3 times and improved.</p>

<p>3) You have to earn upwards of two/three thousand a year in order for it to be deducted from your EFC, I believe. Do not let it stop you from writing about your job or including it in your application. Odds are you don't make enough to push you out of eligibility.</p>

<p>I looked really quickly at the thread title and saw "not enough sati"</p>

<p>...and I briefly wondered if you were burning widows on their husbands' funeral pyres. XD</p>

<p>^^^^^^^^ Loool</p>