Application Questions

  1. Is it ok to submit test scores and transcripts to your colleges before you apply with the Common App?

  2. Can you see on the Common App when your recommenders have submitted their letters through Naviance?

For test scores yes it’s ok to send before you apply. But make sure the school requires official test scores, many allow self-reporting of test scores on the app, which saves you money.

Your HS guidance counselor will submit transcripts to the schools that require it, you don’t send the transcript.

I don’t think you will see this on the common app, but you should be able to see in Naviance that your teachers uploaded their letters (which will then go to the colleges that you assigned each LoR to in Naviance).

Don’t wait to apply before your teacher(s) and counselor upload their LoRs.

Once you submit your apps, you should be able to see in each school’s portal that they have received all application components, including transcripts and LoR(s).

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Thank you. On Naviance it shows the letters “in progress.”
I guess what I’m wondering is if it’s ok for colleges to receive items prior to the application- do they just start a file for you?

The LoRs won’t go to the colleges until you submit your apps.

If you send official test scores before you apply, some schools will start a ‘file’ for you, others won’t match up the tests until they have a submitted app.

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I discovered only 2 require sending scores and the others allow you to report them, thanks again.

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