Application Received Confirmation

Applied Saturday, Nov. 14, still awaiting email from UW confirming receipt of application and link to application profile. Has anyone else received this confirmation? I know the system was slow, which makes me think there may be a backlog, but getting anxious something didn’t go through (I do have the confirmation from the coalition app, though). Anyone?

My daughter submitted her app on 11/12 and has not yet received an email. But if she logs into Coalition, it confirms that it was submitted then.

Thanks…makes me feel better. I figured it was just a delay due to influx of applications, but wanted to see if other had already heard.

My daughter submitted on 11/14 and she has not yet received confirmation email from UW. Did any of you receive it yet ?

No confirmation receipt for my daughter yet either. I think I read elsewhere that they won’t send out the email about the portal until December.

Have anyone received email about the UW portal log in information?

Yes, my daughter received confirmation of receipt on Dec 2nd with a link to set up her UW ID. UW NetID | Office of Admissions

@vannevka: Thank you. We didn’t receive any emails. But we were able to create an account with Coaltion ID. Under the application status, there is just general information such as home address and ACT score etc.

Thank you again for sharing the information.

Happy holidays!

I have also received a “your application to the University of Washington has been received” message. But the email did not contain a link to set up UW ID. I have been waiting for an email to set up UW ID so that I can check status, but so far I have not received it. Anyone else still waiting to set up UW ID?

My daughter received a confirmation email from the UW Honors College saying that they received her application, but nothing from the main UW admissions office. She also has an email from the financial aid office saying they received her application. I’m not sure if that is from FAFSA or the Coalition App. Her coalition App profile shows that it was submitted back in mid-October. But so far no confirmation of receipt or UW ID message.

EDIT: My daughter just followed the link provided by Petition in the post above and was able to establish her UW net portal ID and see that her application is all in order. She either didn’t receive the email or it went to a spam filter or something. But was able to do it without the email.