Application Stats for Students who were offered Merit Money

We’re trying to figure out the likelihood of our son receiving merit $ from Dickinson. If you know someone who received merit $ who did NOT qualify for financial aid, can you please give brief stats, for instance, weighted GPA, SATs, and instate vs. out-of-state or international. He won’t qualify for financial aid but we can’t afford $74K/year. TY!!!

Have you run their Net Price Calculator? These tend to be fairly accurate and would give you an idea of how affordable or not it might be. I would suggest that you contact their admissions and or financial aid offices and discuss your financial needs. The admissions staff is quite friendly and helpful.

Have you visited the campus?

@lemondrop, thank you for your reply! My son did visit Dickinson and attend the information session and tour. I thought the Net Price Calculator only provided information about need-based aid. I’ll look into this. Thank you again!

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Some NPC ask for stats and do estimate merit aid. The schools my kids went to did, but at both schools merit was guaranteed for a certain test score/gpa. If it says your son will get a Presidental/Dean/Alum type scholarship, then look on the merit aid page to make sure that scholarship isn’t limited to 20 students or only to history majors.

Is he accepted for this fall? Or is he a HS junior planning for next year’s application season and freshman entry in 2021?

If a HS junior, and you are looking for merit money, my advice is to apply very widely to many different types of colleges that are known to give merit money. He should be in the top quartile of SAT/ACT scores among admitted students.

I don’t qualify for aid and applied for the Presidential and Reynolds scholarship. They liked both my essays and gave me the Presidential scholarship.

3.74 UW, 4.46 W, As in the 10 AP and IB classes I’ve taken, but I firmly believe what got me the merit aid was my advocacy work.