Application Stats in Daily Bruin today

<p>Interesting article on the most recent application statistics can be found in today's Daily Bruin. UCLA had 50,694 applicants (both freshman and transfers), and an interesting upturn in minority applications.</p>

<p>If interested, go to <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I've been beaten to the link, I see...
Assuming the freshman class remains the same size, UCLA's admit rate this year will be:</p>

<p>10487 / 50694 = 20.7%</p>

<p>WHOA, isn't that about a 5% drop in admit rate? Awesome.</p>

<p>haha yes that is an awesome way to heighten the anxiety for all of us waiting...</p>

<p>wo w**** i think im gged then</p>

<p>Wow... I'm screwed</p>

<p>phew.. i got in the right year!</p>

<p>^ Seriously. Not only because of the increase in applicants, but also the fact that UCLA recently shifted to a holistic admissions process.</p>