Application Status- Committee Review?

<p>My app status on my san diego changed a few days ago from "complete- ready for review" to "committee review." Anyone know if this means anything?</p>

<p>Mine changed like that as well. I assumed it meant that at first they were acknowledging that they had received everything - complete. Now they are actually reviewing it. But I don't know how long the review will take ...</p>

<p>Did you apply EA or RD?</p>

<p>My daughter applied EA.</p>

<p>D was just DENIED!</p>

<p>What were her stats like?</p>

<p>3.1 GPA
1840 SAT
Varsity crew, dance, lots of community work, Jesuit high school ...</p>

<p>Wow I can't believe she wasn't considered being as her resume was strong. Did she get other acceptances?</p>