Application Status: Decided


Checked application status website for NJIT and saw: Application Status: Decided.

Does this mean my S is accepted there? Rejected?

Anyone see this before?

This isn’t the email results back which seems to be out of date this time. This is from:


Even I got the same thing.
Did ur application got accepted or rejected?

I am also waiting on a resolution to this. Has anyone heard anything?

It feels quite frustrating as I applied months ago, hoping to hear back within a couple weeks and now it has been 3 months.

I’m glad to see a decision was made, but another week has gone by without any ability to see what that decision is.

So its been over a month since your S’s application status changed to ‘decided’.

Has he called admissions to ask what’s going on?

Here’s an update… After I posted this he received an email saying Accepted. You would think that would be good news. Then my son logged in about a week later and it is back to Decided. I emailed. After two weeks, never received a response.

Last night he logged in and say it now says an update will happen in the next 48 hours. From when? It doesn’t say. Not impressed by this school so far. So happy he made several others that he would rather go to over NJIT.

Hi StephenLL
If you dont mind Can you please let me know your son’s GPA and SAT scrores, and what major he applied at NJIT

Interesting. Applied on 11/11 and it already shows status decided.

At the bottom of the screen it shows:

Here is your Application Decision:

Admitted (CC)

So I am assuming I have been admitted. Not sure what CC means.


@matt2024 Admitted (CC) is admitted, congrats!

Here’s the NJIT legend of Terms for future applicants’ reference:
HI: HC Inactivates Application
CP: CPE Admitted
WD: Withdrawn
HC: Honors Conditional Admit
AA: Applicant Accept/Freshmen
AC: Admitted/Graduate
DA: Defer Admit
HD: HC Applicant Deferral
RF: Pending Decision
TC: Under Review in Academic Dept
AR: Admitted/Readmit
AF: Admit/Financial Docs Required
AI: Admit/International Transfer
CC: Admitted
HA: Honors College Accept
HR: Honors College Reject
HT: HC Tentative Admit
WL: Wait List
AL: Admitted/Transfer
HH: Honors College Hold
HW: HC App Withdraws before enrolling
QA: Quick Admit
RD: Reject - Deferred
PR: Admitted/EOP
RJ: Rejected
WA: Cancelled Accept

@jimbobcharlie Thanks. Today it shows $250 enrollment fee due and provides a link to pay. So definitely confirmed. Not sure when they make the honors college decisions. But will be waiting for that.

@matt2024 honors college decisions usually come about 3 weeks later. Supposedly this year they are adding an honors program in each college in addition to ADHC so the admissions decisions may come out later. For example, if you applied to NCE (Newark College of Engineering) and do not get into ADHC, you will be evaluated for the NCE Honors program.

I got a message saying decided come back in 48 hours does mean I am rejected, please reply back I am so scared and be honest I can take it!


It was like that for me the first day and the next day it showed admitted (CC) all the way at the bottom. Hope things work out.

My son applied to NJIT via the common app by the 11/15 early action deadline but has not gotten any acceptance letter or email. He called to get some type of update but also to check if they had all his test scores. Even though his SAT was sent from college board they did not have it. They had his ACT which was a better score though. We don’t even have a login to check for status updates. Soo anyway just wondering if he should call again or should I call? I know their website saysDecember so we were hoping to know something by now. And still hoping for honors college too. Lmk what you think!

Lastson4 I would email admissions and ask for a link to his portal. DS got an email with the link and login for his portal a day or two after he submitted the common app. Did you check his spam folder? Maybe the portal link ended up there. Good luck!

four4college. Thanks! We actually found the link and he checked. We never got an email, and he checked the spam too.
But now we have it and it says awaiting decision. Not sure if it was the SAT they never got holding things up or if it is taking longer with a lot of applicants.
So we’ll wait a bit longer now.

Waiting is the hard part! Good luck!