Application Status---doesn't say anything???

<p>I submitted my app and created an account for wolverine access. But when I click on application status, all it tells me is:</p>

<pre><code>Application Term Academic Career Academic Program Application Nbr Application Date
FA 2012 Undergraduate Engineering Engineering UG Degree

<p>Isn't it supposed to say which of my materials are in?</p>

<p>If you just submitted your app it will take a week or so for everything to show up. If it has been longer than a week, call admissions. I was paranoid about mine and called after two days. They confirmed they had received everything and said WA would be updated soon(which it was).</p>

<p>when you click on application staus, it should say view application data and view credentials!</p>


<p>That is exactly all we can see also. When we called they said not to worry, and do we have any idea how many thousands of applications they are receiving................and that it takes time.</p>

<p>Hmmmm......My counselor sent my stuff on November 1st and now it's November 11th and according to wolverine access, my transcript and recommendations haven't been received.....#awkward</p>

<p>Should I be worried?</p>

<p>Call them:</p>

<p>University of Michigan
Office of Undergraduate Admissions

<p>okay i called them and they said to wait 15 business days after submitting the application before checking wolverine status. It's all chill</p>

<p>Good news everything was uploaded yesterday and today :)</p>