Application Status

<p>Everyone applying to Maryland, check your application status. Mine says they didn't receive my Recommendations, but they said they received my transcripts which were with the recommendations. I did the recs offline. Do you think they just didn't look at them yet or do I need to call and make sure they have them?</p>

<p>MDdad2012 posted in another thread that they told them to allow 2 weeks to get all the incoming mail, documents, etc. updated on the system.</p>

<p> application status said the same thing! They have my transcript but not recommendations, and I sent them at the same time! I'm just guessing the admissions office needs time to go through everything.</p>

<p>My daughter sent an email to admission and they responded that her application was complete. The status website still indicates one of her recommendations is not complete.</p>

<p>Correction. It shows that the counselor recommendation has been received.</p>

<p>I didn't want to start a new thread, but I have a question regarding my application status.
I understand that it takes them about two weeks to update the system with stuff sent by mail, but what about SAT scores sent digitally? My SAT scores were sent by the college board on oct 18th and I know they were sent because I got email conformations from other schools they were sent to. On my status page, it says that the SAT scores are not received. I'm not really worried, since I know they have thousands of applicants they need to update, but my scores were sent over two weeks ago...</p>


<p>I'm in the same position right now as well. Sent scores out on the 15th, but status page still says they haven't received it yet. I sent them an email for some extra insight. I'll let you know what they say once I get a reply.</p>

<p>Got a reply back. They said they received mine on 11/2 (I sent it out 10/17) and were processing it. I'm guessing yours should be processed sometime this week as well.</p>