Application status?

<p>I applied early decision to Brown and I submitted the application on Oct. 30.
It lists the requirements (Application Fee, Brown First Year Supplement, Common Application, Secondary School Report, Secondary School Transcript, Teacher Evaluations, and SAT & 2 Subj. Tests/ACT Test), the date received, and the status.</p>

<p>It says that all my requirements were received on Oct. 31, but only there only two requirements that have a status. The Application Fee (status: Paid Online) and SAT & 2 Subj. Tests/ACT Test (status: Requirement Fulfilled). The rest of the statuses are blank. When should there be a status for the rest of the requirements?</p>

<p>that's how it is for mine too-I think the status is just for your sake-to let them know that they got the test scores and other such things that were not in your control or your school's control</p>

<p>Please don't re-post the same thing in two different Brown forums in the future. I promise that people will see it. FYI, this is the right forum - the Brown 2012 one is supposed to be for the Brown class of 2012, not the high school class. Here's a copypasta of what I wrote in that forum:</p>

<p>As I've been telling people all over the place, don't worry for now. They're currently sorting through a mountain of papers, and probably just haven't gotten to yours yet. There might not even be a status for all the "requirements" - they'll let you know if there's something drastic missing. It's time for you to just wait.</p>

<p>I know, sorry. I was wondering why the other thread wasn't getting very many hits and then I saw I accidentally posted it under Brown 2012. I'm not sure how I did that...</p>