Application Status

<p>So I sent in my ACT scores about 3 weeks ago and on my application status it still says I have yet to send them in. I shot Northeastern several emails, none of them answered. I have no idea whether or not the administration is just slow (seems like it) or if it's a problem on my part in reporting my scores. I simply logged on to my ACTStudent account and sent it to Northeastern, easy as that correct?</p>

<p>Can someone point me in a direction please?</p>

<p>I would first double check that ACT sent in the scores and if you're certain that they did you just have to be patient.
When I applied it took them three weeks after the application deadline to say that I my teacher recommendation had been sent when the Common App had sent it was submitted weeks before the deadline. So just be patient and wait a bit, chances are that they recieved it, but havent updated your application status page.</p>

<p>SAME HERE!! I sent my ACT scores in January, all my other schools received it except for Northeastern. I called Northeastern and they said it takes awhile to get processed (but when I called them another time they said that they don't have my score (what?) but then say it takes time to process...So I called ACT and they said they said that they did sent my scores. I don't feel like shelling out another 10 bucks so I'll wait.</p>

<p>@chickenbob, I'm in the EXACT same boat.</p>

<p>You know that NU will receive more than 40,000 apps this year! Last year NU received more apps than any other college/university in the country, 43,000 + apps. I believe that apps are actually sent, or go to an off campus collecting site to be managed. Not sure what type of sorting goes on there. I would just give it some time. NU, in the past accepts a fair number of applicants, but their yield has been around 20% - two years ago 19%, last year 21% which caused some creative study abroad programming to ensure that there was enough residential capacity, for Sept. 2011. Get your financial aid applications in - your scores will show up. Do you have the receipts from ACT / SAT that shows that you sent them in? If you do, those could hopefully be used to support your application to be included for consideration, should you fear that the missing scores could rule you out. Good Luck, Mr. VC</p>

<p>:( I just got an email that Northeastern is missing my items (aka my scores) sigh time to pick up the phone again or I'll just send the scores again. :<</p>