Application Status

Hi yall! I just had a question about chechecking my application status.
Right now, it says “your application will be reviewed…” Will it change to “your application is being reviewed…” or will it stay like it is until a decision is made?

mine says “your application is being reviewed…”

@historygirl44 thank you!!

On your application material status list does it have 4 categories for letter of rec, app fee, transcript, and test scores, or does it have more than that like if you had two letters of rec?

@CTtosomewhereHJ8 mine has only 4 categories, and I have two letters of rec. everything says received

has anyone heard anything whether they will start releasing decisions soon for the spring transfers?

@nervousinMD4224 same here… thanks!! :wink:

Where do you see the “your application is being reviewed”? I have the four things all marked as received (letters of rec, fees etc.) but I don’t see anything that says if its being reviewed or not

@wisco28 i dont & thats why i was wondering if it will ever show up

Mine says that in my student center admissions blurb