Application Status

<p>I mailed out my application materials (i.e., school report, teacher recommendations) on November 5th to make the Early Action postmark deadline. </p>

<p>But, nothing is shown as 'processed' yet on the online tracker.</p>

<p>Should I be worried yet (especially since no copies were made of my recs and school report)? Is anyone else having this same problem?</p>

<p>It's understandable that things haven't been processed yet. It took a few weeks for mine to get processed and I sent in relatively early. Especially considering the barrage of mail they probably near/on the deadline (and after because it just has to be postmarked), they probably haven't opened/processed all the mail yet. I say don't sweat it until like Nov 20-25. That's when you should start worrying I think.</p>