Application submitted and DD is interested in changing majors already

Probably going from Interior Design to Marketing with a minor in stats. Should she just not worry about it and change it at preview?

@flprepaidmom UF does not the intended major in the admissions process except for consideration for the non-traditional programs like PACE, Engineering at Santa Fe, etc.

@fl1234 so just let it go and change it at Preview, right? I don’t see a downside that I can think. She isn’t applying to a Pace major so she won’t get a Pace offer anyway.

@flprepaidmom Yep, you have to apply to most majors, so you’ll be placed in pre-major status. Check the UF department’s website to be sure, however.

She can apply for her major during preview, and she can change her mind a semester or two later. UF is pretty liberal (with a few exceptions) with allowing Freshmen/sophomores to experiment and change majors.