application tracking system?

<p>Has anyone who recently applied RD been able to register for the tracking system?</p>

<p>I turned in my supplement on 12/30, Common App yesterday and both have been downloaded but I still can't log in. Every time I try it says my e-mail and PIN don't match (I checked my supplement and I'm sure they do)</p>

<p>Is this just because they haven't processed my supplement yet or is this a serious problem I should contanct them about?</p>


<p>Where do you go to register?</p>

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<p>You should have received an email after you submitted your application. It tells you to wait for 24 hrs before you can register for it by using your email address and the pin you created for yourself.</p>

<p>To the OP:
I turned mine in yesterday around this time. you should be able to register by now. Did you register or did you simply typed in your email for the username and Pin for password? That's the only problem I can think of...Try again. if it still doesnt work you should contact admission office</p>

<p>hmm... I turned mine in on the 31st and I haven't gotten an e-mail yet?</p>

<p>Maybe you should contact administration office then...I dunno</p>

<p>If you used the commonapplication I would wait longer, because I used the princeton one. The Admission office might take longer to process your application materials because there are multiple components.</p>

<p>ah, that makes sense. I used the common app, thanks.</p>

<p>I completed my Common App on 12/27 and the components are marked as downloaded on 12/28. I have yet to receive an email nor can I register to see my application status.</p>

<p>I'm going to wait until tuesday to let the admissions office catch up a bit. I'll call them up on wednesday if I still have not received anything by then.</p>

<p>I received the e-mail yesterday, and I was able to register around 12 hours afterward. </p>

<p>Currently, it says that Princeton has not received anything from me outside of my Common Application and supplement. I am a little worried considering that I had most of the stuff sent in around September/October...</p>

<p>^my teachers sent out their recs in early/mid december, and mine says that they've received them. But it also says that it hasn't received my counselor's letter of rec, and I'm sure she sent them out before the system's just a little messed up?</p>

<p>Yeah, my teachers submitted their recs online, and they said they haven't got them. So I'm assuming they're still filing everything (unless I messed up somehow)</p>

<p>anyone else's say that SAT reports arent there?</p>

<p>i applied on dec. 14 and got my e-mail on the 20th i believe</p>

<p>When did you send them Canadian? Mine from November isnt in yet :(</p>

<p>mine are from nov too =/
...and oct, june, and may XD</p>

<p>Now this is very strange - my Princeton App Tracker claims that everything has been received... But my two teacher recs were mailed yesterday, and my HS transcript isn't finished yet (I talked to them today, they are mailing it next Monday)...</p>

<p>What the...</p>

<p>That is weird...someone stole your identity??? lol</p>

<p>But something weird happened to mine. It said that they received my SAT Reasoning/ACT test score report, but it says that I'm missing my subject test report...How can that happen? Don't collegeboard send all SATI and IIs together??? btw I never took ACT so it couldnt be that...</p>

<p>guys, i used common app, and submitted my app on dec. 30. and i just got an email today..but i couldn't register for it, saying my email address and PIN doesn't match!</p>

<p>what do i do? this is kinda freaking me out!</p>

<p>^ I initially got the same response as you. After about a week, i could log in with no problems.</p>

<p>I was told that you're supposed to wait 24 hrs after you receive that email. So, really, I wouldn't freak out yet. You've just finished a very stressing, very important part of your application; relax for a couple of days and give Princeton a bit of time to sort through everything. They're supposed to tell you if they're missing something anyways. Go pick up a book, or go out to watch a movie or something. Let's not panic just now. (It's always easier said than done, but still).</p>

<p>For some odd reason, Princeton my subject tests as received right away (approximately two weeks ago), but the SAT reasoning test is still outstanding. I ordered them all to be send about 3 weeks ago...a but worried!</p>