<p>I just finished my common app, and I can't help but feel insufficient. There definitely is not enough space on the application to give the colleges a sense of who I am and how much time I dedicate to my EC's. How am I supposed to sum up 5 years worth of tireless dedication to a youth group in roughly 30 characters? Oy, this whole process is mind-numbing. </p>

<p>:-D Anyway, I'm applying ED for Pomona and I need help making my application stick out more...</p>

<p>Test Scores:
SAT- 770V, 760M (1530 combined)
SATII- 800 Math IIC, 770 US History, and <em>sigh</em> 710 Writing (I MIGHT take this over again if I don't get in first round, but I don't have the means of paying yet another 35 dollars to get maybe a .. let's say... 40 point increase), I also got 740 Biology (Oh.. I HAVE A QUESTION... my 750 on the Math 1c is actually in a higher percentile than my 800 Math IIC, should I list this score on the common app?)
AP Scores (and this has me completely and utterly confused)- I got a 5 on Biology, US History, and World History, as well as a 4 on Lang/Comp. I have no idea how the colleges will see these scores. They said something about a transcript, but the transcript that our counselors gave us at the beginning of the year doesn't even mention AP scores. Naturally, I want the college to see my scores..... but I don't know how.... (Oh boy, and I hope this doesn't mean another fee to send more scores). </p>

<p>GPA- 4.31w, 4.0uw
Class Rank- 1 out of 630, but I share this with like...15 other people</p>

<p>By the time I graduate I'll have taken 8 AP courses and 2 honors classes. </p>

<p>Ok that was all the stuff I'm not so worried about because those are all numbers and I can't really change how they perceive my scores.... </p>

<p>Now for my EC's...</p>

<p><em>4 yrs Volleyball (3 yrs Varsity). I'm a co-captain.
*1 yr JV bball, 3 years varsity soccer. Elected co-captain, All-League, going to hawaii for tournament in Nov.
*4 yrs Varsity Track- California Central Coast finalist in 100m hurdles, 400m Relay, Most Outstanding Junior, Champion of a couple of invitationals in 100m hurdles.. Track is the sport that consumes most of my time, during the season I probably spend over 20 hours a week training and competing.
*3 years KEY Club, 2 years as President. We have over 160 people in our club so this is a very time-consuming position as well... I need to look at my records but the minimum amount of community service hours I've done through KEY club would be.... about 560
*5 Years Job's Daughters- 2 terms as Honored Queen (I know it sounds goofy), 3.5 years in a leadership position. This is another EC where I focus a lot of time and energy, not only planning stuff and memorizing work but as well as dealing with drama... *sigh</em> (lol, I don't think I'll be mentioning that in my app)</p>

<p>*I went to Costa Rica over the summer for 3 weeks to volunteer at a Deaf School... mucho good times!</p>

<p>Awards- Most Oustanding AP English student/ AP US History Student
Most Outstanding Female Athlete @ my school -2002, 2003, 2004
$1000 Community Service Scholarship to go to Costa Rica from Job's Daughters</p>

<p>Unusual Circumstance- My whole family is deaf and I'm the only hearing person in my household. I'm fluent in sign language :-D </p>

<p>See, that about sums it up for me. When I do an activity, I do it because I like it and because I think it makes me a better person, not only because I want to put it on my application. I may do only 3 things but I'm extremely devoted to those things. I really emphasized that during my interview and I think it went over well with her, but I still feel like quanitity is better than quality. </p>

<p>So now I need help. Theres a space on the common app where you can write about one EC activity, I wrote about Costa Rica, is that a smart choice? Should I play off the athlete angle more or is that already a given?</p>

<p>Whew ok, thanks for helping, I know I'm one of those average over-achievers, but hopefully I can be an average over-achiever with a good app!</p>