so, the deadline just passed. the tortuous wait begins. if anyone is around, i wonder what you all are thinking? how do you feel about the essays, what attracted you to the school, what’s the mood overall?

the activity surrounding 2019 entry seems to be much less than in previous years (at least judging from these boards) … maybe just a result of decreased publicity. idk.

really nervous, personally!!! hoping for the best.

Hey noncritical,

I don’t know why the conversation has been somewhat stagnant. I think we’ve all been waiting, or at least I’ve been waiting, for other people to start the conversation. Maybe we’re all a little shy.

I’ve been trying to keep the application out of my mind and to assume that I did not get in. The acceptance rate was already very low, and now that the college is co-ed that number must be smaller. I do, however, feel that the application has been a net good in my life. It forced me to get my things in order, as much as possible, by a set deadline, and I sometimes need that.

It was a lot of work and I’d like to congratulate everyone who applied. You should all be proud for wanting to better yourselves. I hope, God willing, to see some of you there - yes even you forum stalkers who are clearly reading but not saying anything.

I feel alright about the essays. My least favourite one to write was the essay about the kind of person that I would like to be when I’m 35. It felt too much like a job interview and I think my writing reflected my lack of clarity on the subject. I almost wrote that “when I’m 35 I’d like to be the type of person who knows who they want to be at 50.”

How about you?


I guess CoffeeCreek is right about everyone being a little shy, after all, the forum for Deep Springs 2019 has almost 600 views, although 50 of them might have come from me XD. Anyway, it would be nice to see who else is applying, scout our potential classmates and all that jazz.

As for what I’m thinking- is there anything else to say except ‘nervous’? I feel like the hardest part about applying to Deep Springs isn’t really getting the grades or answering the prompts, but rather preparing for the worst case scenario. Even after having safety schools lined up, it’s still nervewracking to think what will happen if I’m rejected.

The essays were interesting to say the least. It felt more like a journey of self exploration rather than your typical answer a prompt query. However, I didn’t particularly like the one about proving that the earth travelled around the sun or vice versa. I initially started out with the experiment prompt but after realising how complicated the procedure would be, I decided to prove the former.

I don’t really know what initially attracted me to Deep Springs as I heard about it a few years back but in retrospect I’m so glad I remembered it a few months ago during my college search. I mean, what isn’t there to like about it? It might be a bit cliché, but I’m drawn to anything unique. I also have a love for adventure, which sadly is a little bit difficult to find in our modern society, and I believe that Deep Springs offers a raw essence which isn’t clouded by the usual safety net of society. Everything you do there is impactful in the most direct way and the Thoreaun solitude offers so many possibilities for personal development and developing interpersonal skills. I also love how the school governs itself in that there isn’t a set way to do everything. The method of experimentation is exhilirating as you never know what outcome there is and personally, the uncertainty of it makes it all the more interesting.

I suppose my mood overall is one of damoened excitement. I’m nervous for what is to come. There’s part of me that wants nothing more than to flashforward to next years summer but theres also a part of me that is preparing for the worst. Honestly, I want to feel hyped but I’m terrified of not getting it. Right now, that’s probably my largest obstacle - preparing for the worst case scenario.

Anyway! Not to make everything seem all doom and gloom, let’s just have our fingers crossed and hope that the voice of the desert convinces Apcom and the Staffulty to let us join. I hope to see you all in the second round!