Applications at an all time high

<p>According to the NYT "The Choice" article, applications at WFU are up 12.79%--the most of any NC school--to 11,131 (as of 1/23)</p>

<p>Applications</a> Surge to Berkeley and Virginia -</p>

<p>Interesting. I wonder why. I mean, other than the excellent education WFU offers, I wonder why apps are up so much. ;)</p>

<p>Well, since we've decided we're only taking kids from elite prep schools, we have over 80% of Andover, Phillips Exeter, Deerfield etc students apply this year.</p>

<p>My guess would be more students are applying to more colleges - such a never-ending cycle - because as more apply - the acceptance rates go down - and then next year's seniors feel that they have to apply to even more schools, etc.</p>

<p>I might also suggest the gorgeous new welcome center? The new freshman dorm? The new business school building that is under construction? We were impressed with Wake when we toured 3-4 years ago - I think we would be even more impressed today - seeing these new facilities. My son is a very happy junior - no regrets.</p>

<p>It's obviously Wake Forest-specific, as you can see top 20 schools where application #s stayed the same or dropped slightly. </p>

<p>I would say it can definitely be owed to the new buildings on campus--which will also include 2 new dorms, new athletics center, and a new dining facility. </p>

<p>Is it all good? Hmm, depends who you ask. But it certainly attracts ppl.</p>


I think a better question would be why even now it doesn't have as many applicants as it should. Wake has solidified its place in the top 25 of the USNWR ranking, which many high school students treat as The Truth, and yet it has fewer applicants than any of the others, even the slightly smaller Rice. NC residents have long known Wake Forest to be an awesome school, but it is taking a while for word to trickle out elsewhere. </p>

<p>Wake was the clear standout in this</a> thread; about a dozen people admitted they didn't apply to Wake because of the numerous essays. </p>

<p>I think it might be useful for admissions to weigh the benefits of those self-selecting essays against a potentially much larger applicant pool. I for one would like to see Wake achieve more selectivity and respect. As much as I deplore truly aggressive marketing campaigns like Chicago has done recently, it has been unquestionably effective, and I think Wake Forest could/should do more to get its name out there.</p>

<p>I see what your saying warblers, but I would hate to see Wake "pull a Vanderbilt" and get rid of their essays. Yes, in the case of Vandy, applications jumped up (I believe about 25%), but I think that helps weed out the applicants who "do not want to be there." As an alumni I don't want those students there, but that may be a bit of me on my high horse.</p>

<p>I would like to see Wake Forest recruit more on the West Coast (someone could correct me, I have no idea what the recent class profiles have looked like). As the UC schools become more and more constrained, those students are going to look elsewhere and WFU would be an excellent alternative to students who were considering UCLA, Berkeley, etc.</p>

<p>I like the long WF application and the interview requirement. I think they're good for a school that's SAT-optional. I'm a little :( to see SAT averages dropping since Wake went optional, though. </p>

<p>And, of course, we have to wonder how many applicants in the current pool are there because they don't have to submit low-ish scores. Another decrease in the average may be in store. The flip side of this is that with a large pool the admission rate will drop and yield just may rise. So, to Wake, future students, and USNews, it may all be a wash.</p>

<p>Oh, and my son's freshman roomate was from California. His current (soph) roomate is from Idaho. They may be exceptions. But, from my perspective, the west coast is aware. ;)</p>

<p>Sure there are some west coast kids, but the presence of the West Coast is pretty minimal and it's mainly limited to Seattle and California. Don't think I've even met anyone from HI, OR, AZ, UT, NV, NM, etc.</p>

<p>I agree, I would like to see Wake recruit the west coast more. But don't want to see them go all out aggressive marketing and recruit a ton of Chinese students, etc (nothing against the Chinese students).</p>

<p>Good to Know.</p>