Applications double in Elon's first year on the Common App

"The Office of Admissions reports an increase in international, LGBTQIA, male and first-generation submissions …

… Elon began accepting the Common Application for the first time this August, joining other North Carolina universities, including Duke University, Wake Forest University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and University of North Carolina Greensboro.

The Common App is a college application service used by nearly 900 colleges in the U.S. and over 50 international universities. The service allows prospective students to submit their personal information, test scores and essays to multiple institutions from the same website. According to the Common App’s website, more than one million colleges in the U.S. use the Common App service." …

That’s a huge jump! Although, the headline has been corrected, it’s a “huge jump”, not double (later in the article it says it is a 46% increase).

Would love to see that stat from other schools’ first year on Common App. Elon is doing a lot of things to raise its profile, and just hit the national category this year. So this may be more than another school would see just from joining Common App.

Great to see that they have an increase in diversity of all sorts in the rise in applications. I have also heard that admissions was more competitive this year than last.

Dave, do you know how many they accepted?

Last year they accepted 8246 from 10,500 applications. With this year having over 15K applications, seems that acceptances will decrease dramatically . 79% acceptance will probably become 60% or somewhere around there and of course this will push stats up as well.