Applications for grants?

Hi everyone! I’m looking for grants to apply to but have trouble finding applications. Anyone know any links? I know Fasfa offers grants but they didn’t offer me enough. Also am I allowed to ask Fasfa to send more? Thanks!

FAFSA is just the application for federal aid. You submit it to individual schools and those schools process your application for federal money. Many schools use FAFSA to disburse their own funds, either merit scholarships or need based grants.

Have you been accepted to any schools yet? Once you have been, work through those schools. Your high school may also have a list of local grants you are eligible for.

What’s your FAFSA EFC? If it’s $0, you’ll qualify for a federal Pell Grant of ~$5900/year. The closer your EFC is to $5,000, the smaller your grant would be. The FAFSA application is primarily used to determine if students are eligible for the Pell Grant. By filing it, you’re also eligible to take the ~$5500/year federal student loan. Colleges will expect your parents to pay their EFC though. Are they willing/able to contribute?

Did you apply to any financial safeties? FAFSA only schools don’t generally have a lot of money to give, so it’s important you have at least one school on your list that you know your parents can afford.

The best aid is from the school. DID you apply to any need met or at least affordable schools?


The FAFSA s a financial aid application. It does NOT award money so NO you can’t ask FAFSA to give you more money.

What was your FAFSA EFC? With a $0 EFC, the only guaranteed grant is the Pell Grant of $5900. That’s is. And f yournEFC is higher than $0, your Pell would go DOWN.

What colleges did you apply to? Any of them give you sufficient aid to attend?