Applied EA but didnt get a decision?

Hi I applied EA for URI got the email saying the decisions would come out Dec. 21st and I applied for the school of engineering but still have not heard back from them yet while other people at my school have. Just wondering if anyone else that applied EA hasnt heard back yet. Thanks

My son applied EA and has heard absolutely nothing. No email, and his portal looks the same as it always has. All of his friends have heard - glad to know that at least we aren’t alone.

Are you going to call Admissions? We are going to give it another day or two.

@pma255 any chance that you now can’t get into your portal? My son checked his earlier in the day and it was unchanged, but now he is getting a message saying “unavailable”. Hopefully it is that they are now updating the status for those of us that they “forgot” on Monday.

Yeah I just checked mine and it says that it’s unavailable so hopefully they will update it soon

My son just messaged a friend who did get a decision on Monday (pretty much the same stats as my son) and he can get into his portal fine. So I guess that is what is happening - hopefully tonight.