Applied Early October

<p>I applied on October 4th, so I'm wondering if my chances are lowered significantly by not applying in September.</p>

<p>Asian-Indian Male
One of the Top MI Public Schools
Very difficult Schedule since freshman year filled with AP and Honors Courses
GPA (10-11): 3.5 unweighted / 3.84 weighted (I know they don't weight grades. I only put it there to give you an idea of how I did in those classes.)
SAT: 1340 (690 math, 650 verbal)
ACT: 30 (32 English, 31 math, 29 reading, 27 science)
-Project LEAD-4 years
-SADD Club-4 years
-National Honor Society-2 years
-Medical Club-2 years (President/Founder)
-Literary Club-2 years
-Student Congress-1 year (Junior Class Rep)
-JV Tennis-1 year (10th grade)
-Varsity Tennis-2 years (Grades 11-12)
-Troy Youth Council-4 years (City Board Rep)
-National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine
Community Service:
-Hospital Volunteer-204 hours
-Public Library Volunteer-50 hours
-Downhill Ski Supervisor Volunteer(9th grade)-45 hours
-Boys & Girls Club Volunteer-120 hours
-Soccer Referee-4 years(Grades 9-12)
-Downhill Ski Supervisor-3 years(Grades 10-12)
-Hollister Co. Brand Representative-1 year (Grade 12)
I also had excellent essays and amazing teacher recommendations.
I applied under the majors of Pre-Health/Biology. I'm looking to be Premed, but I don't know for sure what I'll major in yet.
What do you think my chances are, and when should I hear back from UMich? Thanks</p>

<p>Hello Spidersport, you have some solid numbers there. As you pointed out, Michigan does not look at weighed GPAs, but they do take the quality of your school and the toughness of your classes into consideration. The fact that you took a bunch of honors and AP classes is going to enter the equation.</p>

<p>Your SAT/ACT are pretty standard. The mean for in-state applicants to the school of LSA is 28-29 or 1300-1320. So you are actually a little over the mean.</p>

<p>Since you applied in early October, you certainly helped yourself.</p>

<p>I would say there are two possible outcomes to your application.</p>

<p>70% you will be admitted.
20% you will be wait-listed first and then admitted
10% you will be wait-listed first and then rejected.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply Alexandre! It's good to see that you're back on the new cc!</p>

<p>My counselor said I should hear back from UMich in December, January, or even February! Does that sound accurate?</p>

<p>Late November or December sounds about right. I would be surprised if it took longer. Keep us posted and good luck.</p>

<p>If your application is "complete" (scores reported, transcript, recommendations, etc) my guess is that you'll hear sooner rather than later. Good luck!</p>

<p>Many colleges notify you when your application is complete---or what is needed to make it complete. You can phone the admissions office to inquire.</p>

<p>I called the admission's office yesterday and they said that they are still waiting for my transcripts and recommendations but that it is probably at Umich and they are just uploading it into the system. My application should be "complete" in a couple of days. The person I talked to also said that there is no automated phone # that you can call to check on your application/admission status. Alexandre can you advise on that?</p>

<p>I do not think there is any automated phone. I think you get email notification if something is received and also when something is missing. I also think you can check via phone with admissions to see if everything is there. </p>

<p>About ten days ago, my daughter sent in her application in an overnight mailer. Her school sent their package in a separate overnight mailer. A couple days later, my D had an email confirmation that they received her application. Then this past week, she got an email saying they still did not have her school's package (transcript, recs, etc) and I was a little concerned as I knew it was sent when she sent her part in too. Granted, I opened the email two days after it was sent so it was not totally current and I realized that there was a holiday in there with no mail. So, I called and mentioned that the school package had been sent overnight a week earlier so should have arrived around when my D's application had arrived, which they had sent notification of having received. The person on the phone went to check on the computer and said that my D's file is complete now so I guess their email regarding missing materials crossed with their receipt of the rest of the materials, or those materials were not filed at same time as her part was filed. In any case, the point is, that the admissions office was able to check on a computer to find out about what was filed or not to date. If you have a question, you could call to check too. </p>


<p>Just wanted to give an update. My application is totally "complete" as of a few days ago according to the admissions office. Hopefully I'll here from them in November. Congrats to all who have been accepted already!</p>

<p>Do you go to Troy High School?</p>

<p>I go to Athens High School, but I know a lot of people at TC because I either went to middle school with them, played soccer with them, or some other reason.</p>

<p>Oh cool. I was curious, since I go to Troy.</p>

<p>Alexandre or anyone else that knows about UM's dorms. Why is North Campus not seen as a good pick unless you are studying engineering?</p>

<p>North Campus is not bad, but there isn't much you can do within walking distance. You need a car or the bus to enjoy downtown Ann Arbor. The reason it is ok for Engineers is because North Campus is where the schools of Engineering, Music, Art and Archtecture are located.</p>

<p>As for Michigan dorms in general, you have three types. Those in Central Campus (South, East and West Quads and the all-girl dorms), those on the Hill (Markley, Couzens, Lloyd, Jordan and Stockwell, another allgirl dorm) and those on North Campus (Bursley and Baits). Baits is the absolute worst!!! LOL The rest are all decent. Michigan does not have great dorms, but with the exception of Baits, they are ok.</p>

<p>The dorms are good for a public school. You aren't allowed to choose anymore between central, hil,l and north individually; they combined the central and hill neighborhoods, so you could be anywhere from west quad to markley. My advice is to send in your response, should you decide to matriculate, rather eraly if you want a good dorm (socially markley and bursley are the best, location-wise east, south, and west quads are the best), and SUBMIT YOUR HOUSING CONTRACT BEFORE THE DEADLINE. michigan housing is incredibly inefficient and also incredibly shady. the only way you can be guarenteed a certain dorm is if you are in a living/learning community, but even honors kids aren't all guarenteed south quad. Regardless of where you are, (except probably bates, fletcher, and oxford, which are typically used for older student housing), you will meet alot of people and make really good friends. I thought I was socially screwed because I wasn't in Markley, but the people I have met in East Quad are really cool and interesting (OUR FLOOR IS SO F***ING LOUD THOUGH) hahaha</p>

<p>nirvanarageatm, I know someone who tells everyone that he lives in East Quad but has to sleep in Markley. He just doesn't care much for Markley. Maybe you would like to switch? ;)</p>

<p>What floor are you on in East Quad?</p>

<p>I'm really kicking myself for not applying in early September now...I could've possibly been watching the UM vs. MSU game as a class of '09 student! lol. This wait is unbearable...</p>