Applied for 2016 Fall Painting with extremely low GPA, what should I do?

I have already applied for Pratt this February…
After a few email I haven’t heard back from the admission
My high school GPA is really low, I am now currently attending CC
I applied to Pratt as a Freshman, my SAT is around 1400, and I believe that my portfolio is ok
Do I have a chance to get in…?
(Also applied to MICA, Art center, CalArts, Otis, CCA and SVA, so far SVA rejected me because my low gpa…)
I feel miserable…
All I want to do is learn art… And I really want to go to NewYork, or stay in Los Angeles…
Do I still have a chance?

I’d suggest more research into additional art schools. The ones you listed are fairly ‘name’ brand and as such can demand a certain academic rigor too from their applicants.

Have you looked into SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design)? Their academic requirements aren’t as high as the others. Depending on your geographical area, there are a lot of smaller art schools or art departments in larger colleges that understand that art students aren’t always getting the best grades.

I adjunct at a small liberal arts college where my department in the Arts Program doesn’t even require a portfolio for admission. That may sound crazy, but it’s giving a great chance to alot of kids who have some solid raw talent, but are coming from high schools that didn’t offer a lot in the arts &/or families who can’t afford outside classes.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: