Applied for Housing... where will I be?

<p>So I applied for housing for winter (transfer) and I listed north campus as my "second" choice but I have this gut wrenching feeling that I'll get put there. Is there anyone who has previous experience or know where I might be ending up? I know retention at UofM is high... so yeah. THOUGHTS?</p>

<p>I also just did that but I doubt we'll get put on North Campus. It's all freshmen there and the chances of them leaving are lower than the rest of the students on campus. Did you go to the part for taking over some other person's housing contract? It was all central campus people. I actually thought about trying to get housing that way so I could control where I would be on campus but I was afraid that they had roommate issues and I already have some this semester so I didn't want to have a whole year of dealing with roommate issues.</p>

<p>Ahhhh Yeah I feel you. Where is that though? I'd like to take a look at it</p>

<p>How</a> to Apply - Transfer Students | University Housing</p>

<p>Click on the "full details" in contract reassignment.</p>

<p>Not that it really means anything, but I'm pretty sure that everyone I know who transferred in ended up on central or hill. Freshmen don't leave often. You'd probably end up in a room that a sophomore that went on a study abroad had and most of them aren't on North.</p>

<p>@srgirl6, that's a huge relief to know actually. I guessed that we probably weren't going to get put on North because of the freshmen but I still wasn't that sure about it. I honestly don't care even if I get put in Markley, even though they have some of the tiniest and crappiest rooms ever, as long as I'm not in Baits or Bursley. I would hate to have to take the bus every day just to go to class.</p>

<p>Markley is all freshmen so you definitely won't be there. I doubt they put you on north, you'll probably get something pretty solid. Really anything besides Markley and North aren't that bad.</p>