applied mathematics at brown?

<p>I am applying ed to brown...</p>

<p>to cut out the very useless and tedious task of posting my stats and asking for specific chances that are probably meaningless, i figured i should ask a more general question:</p>

<p>can anyone find the stats on acceptance to brown college in specific, versus acceptance rate to plme? it seems obvious that plme would have a lower acceptance rate, but does anyone know if/where there are stats?</p>

<p>PLME is about 60 out of 1600-1700 (~3.6%) and the college is posted on Brown's website.</p>

<p>60 people matriculate to PLME, but I think 80-100 get in</p>

<p>oh i see. i didn't know so few got into plme. and i thought the website gave the stats for both the college and plme combined, but i stand corrected.</p>


<p>Applied Math is one of Brown's best departments -- with an excellent national reputation. My wife majored in Applied Math at Brown, and she liked her professors and went on to a lucrative and satisfying Wall Street career. It is a difficult major in that if you get a BS you have to take numerous required courses, thereby limited a bit your ability to explore and take other courses outside your concentration. You may be able to get a BA in this subject oo, but you have to check the curriculum guides.</p>