Applied Sciences-BioMed Engineering at UNC?

<p>Can anyone shed some light on the Applied Sciences- Biomedical Engineering program at UNC? How well respected is the major once you graduate? I understand the program is relatively new and has only existed 10 years, is this good or bad? NC State and UNC have a join program- does this mean I would end up taking classes at both schools? I have also sent in an application to NC State. Assuming I am accepted to UNC and NC State, which school would be better for Biomedical Engineering?</p>

<p>Is anyone in the applied sciences program at UNC/ knows more about it? Thanks!</p>

<p>UNC/NCSU</a> Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering - Home</p>

<p>No decision here...go to NC State for this degree. NC State has a reputation as an engineering school...and UNC does not. As such, NC State also has a tremendous support base to facilitate engineering internships and jobs. </p>

<p>A friend of ours recently graduated from UNC with a biomedical engineering degree and was pretty much left out in the cold as far as any support for actual employment. He eventually found a job but at about half the going rate for an entry-level biomedical engineer.</p>

<p>In addition, you will end up with a much higher GPA at State (and have a much easier time keeping your sanity)...which is eminently important to future employers.</p>

<p>The only thing UNC has to offer over NC State for this degree is a prettier campus and more exciting college sports...not worth sacrificing your future for.</p>

<p>Agree with everything awayfromitall said... Especially the GPA/sanity part! ; -)</p>

<p>No need to sacrifice your future!
Go to Duke and you'll get great sports, a gorgeous campus, and the third best biomedical engineering program in the country :D</p>

<p>This may be a very true statement about a GPA at Duke. Literature on private "tier 1" schools imply that getting an A may be hard but getting a sub-B is also hard. In science and math classes at UNC, getting a C is the norm.</p>

<p>awayfromitall...that does not apply to Duke. At least not for engineering. My friend took chemistry and linear algebra this semester and worked extremely hard to get a B. For the sake of GPA, go to State.</p>

<p>I'm NC in state and applied EA/accepted engineering (my safety). GEE, although UNC is the "premier flagship university in the state" the so-called engineers from UNC are not highly regarded. I was also accepted Purdue EA and accepted ED at VA Tech (#13 nationally in undergrad engineering). I'm very happy I'm going to be a Hokie. </p>

<p>I agree with the above, if you're going to be an engineer, go to an engineering school and not some cobbled together program. Engineering schools also have more cut and dried admissions. Grades, class rank, rigor, SAT scores (reading/MATH). UNC always seems to game the system and admit lesser quality students using EC's, diversity in high schools across the state and other subjective criteria to bring in less qualified students while many very qualified students are left wanting (their way of leveling the playing field). Liberalism is alive and well on the UNC campus.</p>

<p>As far as grades and not to quarrel with anyone, engineering schools nationally are struggling with retention of engineering students and GPA's are usually a notch below LAS, education and other. Graduation rates for engineering schools nationally hovers just below 50 pct. From that 50%, many do not graduate in 4-years.</p>

<p>Go to NC State and you can't go wrong.</p>