Applied to a bunch of CCCs but never attended

Before summer 2020, there was a class that I didn’t know if I’d be able to get at my local CCC, so I stupidly applied to many different CCCs that were offering the class online. I never actually registered for classes at any of these CCCs because I got off the waitlist at my local CCC. I still have accounts and emails at all of these schools. I’m worried that while UCs are reviewing my application, they might look at the Clearinghouse to see all of the colleges that I’ve enrolled at, and something could pop up from one of these CCCs that I never took courses at. I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to explain myself and I would get auto rejected basically. If they look at the Clearinghouse after I’m admitted, they would likely just email me and I could explain the situation. Does anyone know at what point they would check this, or if this is something that I should even be worried about?

If you have access to your student portals for the CCs you did not attend, you should be able to view your enrollment information with the National Student Clearinghouse through that portal. I would also recommend contacting each CC to verify that you’ve never been “officially enrolled,” as well as the schools you’re applying to to confirm that they don’t need a transcript or anything, even if it’s blank.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

@PikachuRocks15 Thank you! Not all of the CCs give access to NSC through the portals but I’ve checked the ones who do and nothing shows up for enrollment. I’ve also checked all of the CC portals to ensure that there are no grades, and there are none. Transcripts are blank.

If no courses are listed you don’t need to include the school in your application.

@Ohm888 Do you mean if no courses are listed on my transcripts? Thanks.

Yes ^^^