Applied to FAMU - What are my chances?

I applied for Fall 2016 admission on November 1st.

GPA 3.2 weighted
SAT - writing 530, math 480, reading 490 - Retaking in January.
ACT 18 - I know…pretty bad. Retaking in December.
lots of clubs and a pt job
I also wrote the essay.

Has anyone been accepted as of yet? If so, what are your credentials?

I have been accepted to FAU. Anxiously awaiting FAMU and UCF!

@Bluebird2016 You have a great chance, even with your current stats. Just make sure you’re first when you go to orientation! (It is usually chaotic) Enjoy you time there! Best marching band in the land, and I attend UF!

@turkeysandwich1 Thank you! Good luck at UF!

I have been admitted to FAMU Fall 2016 semester. For the most part, everything went pretty smoothly once I figured out the name of my admissions counselor. I am still waiting to hear back from UCF.

I applied to FAMU back in November.
My stats are:
620 Reading
530 Math
490 Writing
3.4 Weighted
Wrote the essay, have a part time job, and lots of clubs
Still waiting on my acceptance letter from FAMU but I have been accepted by Savannah State, Kennesaw State, Clayton State, and University of North Georgia.
How long after you applied did you hear back? @Bluebird2016

@QuotevKid I applied Nov 1 and heard mid December. You should hear something soon. I would be surprised if you do not get accepted with those stats. I use to log on to the iRattler account they gave me to check my status. Good luck!